5 Recommended River Trekking Destinations in Indonesia, Dare to Try?

River trekking is a great way to unwind and escape the urban hustle and bustle. Here are 5 recommended river trekking destinations in Indonesia that are perfect to unwind.

Indonesia, known as the paradise of river trekking, has hundreds of rivers with diverse landscapes. You can momentarily escape the city chaos by joining a river trekking adventure.

Among the numerous rivers in Indonesia, several places have been developed specifically for river trekking. Here are 5 recommended river trekking destinations in Indonesia that offer captivating river views and are worth visiting.

Recommended River Trekking Destinations in Indonesia

1. Sungai Pute (Pute River)

Sungai Pute, Penghubung Menuju Kampung Berua Yang Tak Kalah Indahnya -  NativeIndonesia.com
Source: Native Indonesia

The first river trekking destination in Indonesia is Sungai Pute. Located in the village of Rammang-rammang, South Sulawesi, this river is the perfect first location for river trekking. Sungai Pute features a magical greenish-brown watercolour that is incredibly photogenic.

However, the most captivating aspect of Sungai Pute is not just the watercolour but the beautiful surrounding scenery. Yes, this river is surrounded by karst rocks that form fortress-like formations. Not only that, but you can also encounter rows of Nipa trees while embarking on a river trekking adventure in this place.

2. Sungai Tamborasi (Tamborasi Sungai)

Foto-foto: Sungai Terpendek di Dunia Ada di Kolaka Sulawesi Tenggara -  Tribun-timur.com
Source: Tribun Makassar

The next recommended river trekking destination in Indonesia is Sungai Tamborasi. While Africa boasts the longest river in the world, Indonesia has one of the shortest rivers. It is located in Sungai Tamborasi, North Sulawesi Province. This river is only 20 meters long and 15 meters wide.

With its clear water flowing from upstream to downstream, you can embark on a river trekking adventure in this location. The river offers stunning scenery adorned with lush trees on both sides. If you go river trekking here, you can enjoy two attractions simultaneously.

The upstream part of Sungai Tamborasi leads to a beautiful beach, adding to the charm of this river trekking experience. Another advantage of river trekking here is the presence of golden-furred monkeys and seabirds. Sometimes, they show themselves as we journey along the river.

3. Sungai Kahayan (Kahayan River)

Wisata Susur Sungai Kahayan - Get Borneo
Source: Get Borneo

Another suitable river for river trekking is Sungai Kahayan. This river stretches for 600 kilometres and divides the city of Palangkaraya. The river trekking experience in Indonesia is quite unique here, as it resembles a bay at first glance.

When you embark on a river trekking adventure here, you won’t be disappointed. The scenery on both sides of Sungai Kahayan is incredibly lush and picturesque. In certain spots, you will also come across rows of simple floating houses, which are traditional homes of the Kalimantan community.

4. Sungai Ayung (Ayung River)

5 Alasan Pengunjung Ikut Arung Jeram di Sungai Ayung, Ubud - Indonesia  Travel
Source: Indonesia Travel

Located on the Island of the Gods, this river offers stunning scenery. Sungai Ayung is the longest river in Bali and is perfect for river trekking in Indonesia. With its moderately turbulent current, this river is suitable for river rafting adventures.

The duration to trek the entire length of Sungai Ayung is approximately 2 hours. The trek is quite long and challenging, so it’s best to go with friends to make the experience even more enjoyable.

5. Sungai Maron (Maron River)

Menyusuri Sungai Maron di Pacitan, Amazon Indonesia - JatimSmart.id
Source: Jatim Smart

Surprisingly, East Java also has an interesting spot for river trekking. It’s called Sungai Maron, located in the Pacitan area. This river is often called the Amazon River of Indonesia because the right and left sides of the river are covered with dense tropical rainforest.

So, when you visit this river, you will feel like you’re lost in the jungle. What makes the trip even more exciting is the incredibly affordable entrance fee. Starting from just Rp 5,000, you can experience river trekking here.

Well, among the five places mentioned above, which one do you find most interesting? Wherever it is, ensure the river trekking accommodation provider is reliable, such as BestHostels Indonesia. Prioritising safety, you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest without worrying about personal safety.

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