Getting to know Regenerative Travel, the Ideal Travel Concept of Today

Perhaps many of you are still confused about the concept of regenerative travel. It’s not surprising, considering this term has only recently emerged and started to be widely talked about.

It’s important to know that travelling is not just about increasing dopamine hormones but also a way to preserve the environment. The movement is known as regenerative travel. So, what exactly is the concept of regenerative travel?

Lately, have you noticed the increasingly dismal condition of the earth, too? As it turns out, travelling activities also contribute to environmental damage, especially in the amount of waste.

Hearing this, are you curious about how we can still travel without increasing the amount of waste? In this opportunity, we will discuss in more depth the meaning of regenerative travel along with some examples. Let’s check it out together!

What Is Regenerative Travel?

When talking about travelling while preserving the environment, many of us may think of sustainable travel or eco-travel. However, these concepts alone are not enough to address our concerns towards the environmental problem.

The reason is that both terms only aim to preserve the environment but do not include solutions for repairing what has been damaged. That’s why we need a new concept that provides not only alternatives to minimise environmental damage but also ways to restore it.

This need has ultimately given rise to the concept of regenerative travel. This travel concept is the most appropriate for use in today’s world. The reason is that regenerative travel is a travel concept that aims not only to preserve natural resources but also to participate in renewing nature to regenerate damaged resources.

In addition to repairing environmental damage, regenerative travel also actively improves the economy and social well-being of communities. This is achieved by creating a conducive environment for them to develop and work in harmony with nature instead of damaging it to preserve the ecosystem and create positive impacts.

As it is considered the most appropriate concept, the government has started promoting regenerative travel in Indonesia. BestHostels Indonesia is also taking concrete actions in sustainable practices within the hospitality industry and will continue to implement this concept into all aspects of its business operations.

BestHostels Indonesia Supports Regenerative Travel

This year, BestHostels Indonesia has taken a concrete step to support the government’s efforts in promoting regenerative travel. BestHostels Indonesia believes everyone has a role in protecting and regenerating the environment for the common good and future generations.

Taking every opportunity, BestHostels Indonesia spreads its regenerative efforts to team members, guests, and partners to change mindsets and inspire everyone through its own initiatives, with much more to come.

One of BestHostels Indonesia’s steps in promoting regenerative travel is evident from the Tour De Trash travelling workshop that has recently been developed. This agenda provides a new vacation alternative, where travellers not only have fun during their vacation but also engage in activities that benefit the environment, such as learning about waste management. For those interested in trying Tour De Trash and any other activities, you can directly visit the website

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