7 Best Body Rafting Tours in Indonesia. Do not do it if you are too scared!

Has it been a while since you did something extreme? Well, now it’s time for you, Bestpackers, to try some of the recommended body rafting tours in Indonesia! 

Body rafting is one of the most popular water sports as it has many benefits, one of them being an excellent cardio workout as it combines swimming and rafting using your own body. It can also be an opportunity for you to challenge your adrenaline if you have the balls.

Well for you adrenaline-rush junkies, here are 7 recommendations for the best body rafting tours in Pangandaran, Indonesia. Ready to explore?  

Recommendations for Body Rafting Tours in Indonesia

1. Santirah Body Rafting Tour (Tuning River)

The Santirah River is one of the places you can visit to do not only body rafting but also tube rafting. Located in Pangandaran, this place is never empty of visitors. This place is special as it provides various natural scenery, that includes rice fields, mountains, and high waterfalls. So, why not hit two, or three even, birds with one stone, right?

You can also enjoy the beauty of Selasari tourism village, which is still under the management of the Santirah River. This tourist village empowers local youth villagers as they take part in managing the village. That being said, this site is an all-inclusive type of destination, don’t you think?

2. Citumang Body Rafting Tour

Citumang River is the perfect spot for you who are planning to take your little ones. The flow of the Citumang River is not so hard and the duration of the tour is only 1-2 hours which makes it kid friendly and beginner-friendly body rafting tour.

Bestpackers can enjoy the beauty of Citumang River as the flows cut through the teak forest and will end in a cave. In addition to that, this side of the river is also naturally ‘decorated’ with rock ornaments. The crystal clear water is well known to be a part of the ‘heaven’ among tourists. 

3. Ciwayang Body Rafting Tour

Don’t know your level of expertise in body rafting yet? Worry not, this place provides various rafting tracks for beginners to advanced. Bestpackers can find 3 different types of tours based on the distance; short, middle to long. Hence, decides the level of advancement. 

The short track lasts for 1 hour and it is suitable for beginners or travelers who serve the ‘gram aka taking content for social media. As for the middle track, it takes 2 hours and ends at the Kaliswara River. Meanwhile, the long track lasts for 3 hours. Backpackers will be treated to beautiful scenery, from cliffs along the river to exotic waterfalls. 

4. Goa Lanang Body Rafting Tour

Want a more challenging adrenaline rush? Bestpackers can visit this recommended body rafting track in Indonesia, located in Goa (Goa = Cave) Lanang. The one thing that makes it different than other body rafting tracks is the starting point, where you have to jump over a cliff of 10 meters height.

The beauty of nature will be served to Backpackers along the 360 meters track of Goa Lanang. Apart from that, the bats hanging above the cave will also welcome you. Surely your trip will be more exciting.

5. Goa Sinjang Lawang Body Rafting Tour

Sinjang Lawang body rafting tour can be an interesting option to go to. Goa Sinjang Lawang is 60 meters high, 65 meters wide, and 500 meters long. This cave offers body rafting spots with adrenaline-challenging currents.

Bestpackers will be spoiled by the sight of wall ornaments resembling a long cloth or what the locals call Sinjang. Apart from that, Bestpackers can also see rocks shaped like geckos, umbrellas, and heart shapes. At the end of this cave, there is a small gap through which light can then reflect off the walls of the cave.

6. Green Canyon Body Rafting Tour

Green Canyon is being named the birthplace of body rafting in Indonesia as it is being the first place to popularize body rafting tourism. The Green Canyon body rafting tour is recorded as the most extreme body rafting tour compared to other places with a distance of 4 hours. The flow of the river in this place is quite heavy which can make your adrenaline immediately increase. Want to give it a try?

Source: Harapan Rakyat

7. Green Coral Body Rafting Tour

Not far from Green Canyon, there is a body rafting site that is just as fun to test your adrenaline and it sure is never empty. Just like the other sites, the beautiful scenery will welcome you. The uniqueness of this place is the source of the river flow, which comes from the rice fields through the waterfall. 

Those are the 7 most famous body rafting tours in Indonesia. Hence, it is recommended. Body rafting tourism can be an alternative to fill Bestpackers’ leisure time. Make sure to do the best possible physical and mental preparation before trying out this water tour. For more local-priced fun activities to do in Indonesia, check out Best Trips Indonesia.

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