3 Recommended and Affordable Lodgings in Jogja for Backpackers: Too Close to Malioboro

Affordable lodgings in Jogja near Malioboro are definitely one of the most sought-after, especially among backpackers. How can it not be? Going to Jogja without spending time in Malioboro is like a puzzle missing one piece if not many! 

Malioboro has a lot to offer from cultural sites to late-night shopping sites. Not to mention, there are a lot of places to stay that are affordable and convenient. Here are the 3 recommended and affordable lodgings in Jogja for backpackers

Affordable lodgings in Jogja for Backpackers:

1. Peta Lodge Backpacker Hostel

True to its name, Peta Lodge Backpacker Hostel is designed to meet the needs of backpacker accommodation near Malioboro. Even though it offers affordable prices, the accommodation facilities are equipped with Wi-Fi, a lounge, and a shared kitchen. This cheap Jogja Inn near Malioboro also offers a number of comfortable room types, such as mixed capsule rooms and twin-bed private rooms.

The distance from Peta Lodge Backpacker Hotel to Malioboro is only about 2.4 km so it can be reached in less than 10 minutes. Not only that, access to minimarkets and Yogyakarta Station will not take long.

2. Wake Up Homestay

Next up, we have Wake Up Homestay on the list. Located in Jl. Gandekan No. 44, Pringgokusuman, Special Region of Jogjakarta, this hostel is surrounded by public libraries. Wake Up Homestay is equipped with free Wi-Fi and parking facilities. You will also be served Indonesian dishes for breakfast.

From Wake Up Homestay, the distance to Jalan Malioboro is approximately 2.9 km which you can reach in less than 10 minutes, either by car, motorbike or on foot. Traveling to various places other than Malioboro is also easy, considering the location of the accommodation is quite strategic.

3. Anjuma Backpacker

When planning a trip at an affordable price, Anjuma Backpacker can also be an ideal complement. This one inn was built with a dormitory concept and provides various useful facilities. Some of them are Wi-Fi, laundry, to vehicle rental, and airport shuttle services.

Anjuma Backpacker is very close to Malioboro, which is only 1.3 km. This hostel is well located as it is accessible to get to the main train stations; Yogyakarta Station and Yogyakarta Giwangan. There are also various tourist attractions and restaurants surrounding this hostel such as Parangtritis Beach, The Monument Museum of Pangeran (Prince) Diponegoro as one of the National Heroes, and Tempo Gelato.  

Those are the 3 Recommended and Affordable Lodgings in Jogja for Backpackers. If you still want to surf more on other hostel options, try Best Hostels Indonesia! And to keep you updated regarding our promos, follow us on Instagram: @besthostels_id! Let’s #GoLocal with Best Hostels Indonesia.

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