7 Recommended Biggest Museums in Indonesia: Exciting Way to Go Through History

One of the suitable tourist destinations to be a smart, chill, and fun vacation alternative is a museum. Visiting museums is not only entertaining but also educating. It can act as the gate through a fun history showcase. 

Indonesia has hundreds of good museums with their own unique selling point, but here are the 7 Recommended Biggest Museums in Indonesia by Best Hostels Indonesia

Recommended Biggest Museums in Indonesia

1. National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta

Source: Wikipedia

Museum Nasional Indonesia which is also known as Museum Gajah, which literally means the Elephant Museum is the largest museum in Southeast Asia. This museum is home to various historical objects from all over the region of Indonesia.

Starting from the findings of archaeology, history, and ethnography to geography. This largest museum in Indonesia is located in a building that has been established since 1862. Until now, the National Museum of Indonesia has more than 142,000 historical collections from pre-historic to post-independence eras.

2. Fatahillah Museum, Jakarta

Source: Wikipedia

Located in the Kota Tua (old city) area of Jakarta, one of the best museums in Indonesia presents an epic and classic building. The building that is being used as the Fatahillah Museum now was the building of the Batavia City Hall when the colonial government was in power.

No less than the National Museum of Indonesia, the Fatahillah Museum also stores approximately 23,500 collections of historical objects, both in original and replica forms. The architecture of the building is also in a neoclassical style with three floors which is suitable as a photo background for Bestpackers.

3. Agung Rai Museum of Art, Bali

Source: TripAdvisor

Cultural traditions and unique arts in Bali make this museum worth visiting. Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) is one of the favorite museums in Indonesia as it is never empty of visitors.

This museum houses many unique and fantastic paintings by local and foreign art maestros. At ARMA, Bestpackers can find various works by famous artists such as Affandi and Sudjono.

Apart from watching and enjoying the works of art on display, this museum is also intended for those of you who want to join art-related classes or workshops that are being held.

4. Ullen Sentallu Museum, Yogyakarta

Source: Kompas.com

The Ullen Sentalu Museum is a museum located in Yogyakarta. The establishment of this best museum was initiated by the Haryono family under the Ulating Blencong umbrella. The name Ullen Sentalu itself is taken from the acronym for the word Ulating Blencong Sejatine Tataraning Lumaku which means Lamp of Humanity’s Life.

Being one of the best museums in the country, Ullen Sentalu is home to various collections of cultural heritage and the life of the Javanese nobility during the Mataram Kingdom. Apart from museums, the facilities available at this tourist destination are the European-style Beukenhof Restaurant.

5. Museum Angkut, Malang

Source: Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut is a museum of transportation located in Malang, East Java. This Indonesia’s best museum is a museum that provides education about vehicles. Upon your exit, you will also be served by a floating market that provides food ranging from Indonesia, Korean, and many more.

There are various vehicles from different eras and regions. Starting from ancient transportation equipment, European classic cars, and modern electric vehicles. These vehicles are nicely laid out and contextual so you won’t get bored while exploring.

What is unique about this museum is that not only does this museum display transportation but most of them can still be operated. So, if you are lucky, you can see the parade of people riding the antique rides and actually riding it with them

6. The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Bali

Source: Klook

Another one of the best museums is located in Bali! Yup, the Island of the Gods seems to also be an island of arts. Antonio Blanco Museum, a must-visit place, was founded by a painter of American and Spanish descent, namely Antonio Blanco.

Inside the Blanco Museum, Bestpackers can find the history of Antonio Blanco’s artistic journey. The rooms in this museum consist of studios, galleries, souvenir shops, libraries, cafes, to the Blanco family temple.

7. Sangiran Archaeological Museum, Sragen

Source: Detik.com

This museum is located in Sragen Regency, Central Java, and is the largest archaeological museum in Indonesia. In this country’s best museum, Bestpackers can find more than 13,000 ancient fossils.

You can also enjoy prehistoric society dioramas at the Sangiran Archaeological Museum. Apart from being a museum, this place is also the most important and comprehensive research location on prehistoric life in Asia and even the world. This museum is even featured in UNESCO World Heritage Convention. You can find ancient animal fossils, even epic ancient human body parts.

Bestpackers, those are the seven best museums in Indonesia that you can visit. In order to be able to enjoy more satisfying holiday moments at the museum, don’t forget to book the nearest hostel. Definitely only in BestHostels Indonesia where you can get the best local price. #GoLocal.

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