Vacation Tips During The Rainy Season, Stay Safe, Keep Excited!

The rainy season is not an obstacle for you to go on vacation. Here are some vacation tips during the rainy season for safe and comfortable traveling!

The rainy season is indeed an obstacle if you want to go to tourist destinations. However, this is not the end of everything. You can still go on vacation to various destinations with proper preparation.

Vacation Tips During the Rainy Season

Vacation tips during the rainy season certainly require extra preparation compared to summer. In addition to keeping physically fit, you also need to prepare various equipment that supports comfort and security. To make your vacation safer and more comfortable, here are 6 vacation tips during the rainy season.

1. Check Weather Forecast

The first vacation tips during the rainy season are by checking the weather forecast. This will help you to decide the right time to visit the destination. For example, if the weather is sunny then you can enjoy going around the tourist attractions.

This is quite helpful, especially if you plan to visit nature tourism. However, you must be prepared for all weather conditions that may change.

2. Prepare Umbrellas and Raincoats

Umbrellas and raincoats are two important pieces of equipment that you must bring when on vacation in the rainy season. Instead, choose a folding umbrella to make it more compact and not take up space in your backpack. Also, make sure to bring a raincoat.

Place the two items in a place that is easy to reach. So, No need to unpack the contents of the backpack when it suddenly rains. You can use these two items to find a comfortable shade when it rains

3. Bring Fast Drying Clothes

Bring clothes that dry easily. Soaking clothes certainly makes the body uncomfortable and can cause pain. This might just happen when the Bestpackers are on vacation

Therefore, choose clothes made of cotton so that they dry easily when wet. Avoid using clothes made from jeans to wool. Bringing clothes that dry easily will also lighten the burden of not carrying wet clothes when you want to continue the journey.

4. Choose an Indoor Vacation Location

If there are several choices of vacation destinations, you should choose an indoor location. The indoor location offers more holiday comfort during the rainy season. Therefore, you need to do careful planning before choosing a vacation destination.

Currently, indoor tourist attractions are no less exciting than outdoor ones. A number of indoor tours are equipped with various rides, play areas, and others similar to outdoor destinations. So, the holidays are still fun and enjoyable even though they are indoors.

5. Bring Vitamins

Unpredictable weather conditions can pose a risk to health problems. To anticipate this, you should bring vitamins while on vacation in the middle of the rainy season. Vitamins can keep conditions fit in the midst of uncertain weather.

In addition, you must also meet the intake of nutritious food during the holidays. Drinking enough water can also help the body stay in shape. Don’t get sick in the middle of the holidays, okay?!

6. Prepare Extra Funds

Preparing extra funds is also one of the vacation tips to be safe in the rainy season. The reason is, erratic weather conditions can make expenses swell from the original budget.

For example, you had to rent a car to get to your destination because it was raining. In fact, it could be reached by motorbike in normal weather. As a result, you need to spend extra money

Those are safe and comfortable vacation tips during the rainy season that you can apply. The most important thing is to prepare physically and mentally in the midst of uncertain weather. If you are well prepared, a holiday in the rainy season will not reduce the fun

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