Planning to Do Waterfall Trips? You Can Not Miss These 6 Safety Tips

Of course, we all want to have fun during our holiday, but safety should always come first. Especially when you, Bestpackers, are going to mingle with nature, like the waterfalls. So, here are 6 safety tips for waterfall trips, mainly during the rainy season

The rainy season can indeed limit travelers from visiting natural attractions, that includes waterfalls. High rainfall has the potential to cause flooding and a rapid flow of water. However, that does not mean you can not travel!

You can still visit waterfall tours safely if you make proper preparations. Summing up, here are 6 safety tips for waterfall trips during the rainy season.

Safety Tips for Waterfall Trips

1. Leave when The Weather is Good

One of the safety tips for visiting waterfall tours is to make sure the weather is clear when leaving. If it is overcast and even raining, it’s best to postpone. The reason is, traveling when it rains is also very risky because the roads become slippery and prone to landslides.

It is recommended to look at the weather conditions first before deciding to go on waterfall trips. This condition is feared to result in high water and endanger your safety. So it’s better to consider first, yes?

2. Leave Early 

The next safety step to do is to consider leaving early. This may minimize the risk of rain, as usually it rains from noon to evening in Indonesia. Leaving early will also minimize the possibility of traffic so you can enjoy the waterfall trips with no rush as you have more time to discover places. 

Apart from that, Bestpackers also have more time to enjoy the waterfalls. So, is there any better and easier way to guarantee a fun trip than leaving early? 

3. Bring a Raincoat

In Indonesia, we have a saying, “Sedia Payung Sebelum Hujan” which means prepare an umbrella before it rains. But, it might be a bit of a hustle to bring an umbrella, especially if you have to go through a rocky track before. So, prepare a poncho instead! Unless you really do wanna get soaked (which is also fun, by the way).

4. Choose a Location with Safe and Easy Access

The rainy season can pose a great risk of natural disasters such as landslides. Moreover, if the waterfall site is in a mountainous area with difficult access. Therefore, it is very important to understand the terrain of the waterfall. So, you can wisely choose a waterfall location with safe and easy access. 

Safe access in this case can be identified by having good road access without having to go through steep slopes. After you have arrived at the location, make sure that you also know the available evacuation routes to anticipate unwanted things. If necessary, ask the local community or tour guide on duty at the location.

5. Avoid Waterfalls with Heavy Flows

Apart from thinking about easy access, Bestpackers must also know the characteristics of the flow of the waterfall to be visited. During the rainy season, Bestpackers must avoid waterfalls with heavy flows.

This is because when it rains, the water discharge can increase and cause the risk of flooding. So, it is very important to choose which waterfall has a less strong flow. Always, prioritize your safety. Promise me!

6. Get Away When It Rains

Your poncho will not make the slippery track dry. Hence, Bestpackers have to get away when it rains because having a poncho or being on the corner of the waterfall does not mean it is safe. It is possible that the water flow increases rapidly in upstream of the river so that the water discharge is also not controlled if it reaches downstream.

Not only is there a risk of flooding from the flow of the waterfall, but this can also cause the surrounding cliffs to collapse due to increased water discharge. Don’t get carried away with the excitement of playing in the water, Bestpackers must also be wary of situations and conditions too.

Those are 6 Safety Tips for Waterfall Trips by Best Hostels Indonesia. If you are looking for safety tips to go on a holiday for your bank account, then definitely check Best Hostels Indonesia. Not only do we offer cheap accommodation, but we also provide everything a traveler needs; airport pick up, car/motorbike rental, luggage storage, etc.

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