5 Positive Things You Can Do While Stuck in Traffic

Being stuck in traffic jams is not always make your mood go down. Because the following 5 things to do while stuck in traffic that we are going to talk about will at least make you less stressed.

Being stuck in a traffic jam is a nightmare for many people. Especially if you’re tight on time to get to the office. Surely it will be grumpier, right? So, to help improve this mood, you can do some positive activities while stuck in traffic.

These activities will be a mood booster that will keep you happy even if you have to be stuck in traffic. So, among the many activities that can be done in a traffic jam, here are 5 things to do while stuck in traffic that is the best to improve the mood of the day.

Things to do while Stuck in Traffic

1. Karaoke

The first things to do while stuck in traffic is Karaoke. Carpool is still fun and can be done to improve mood when stuck in traffic. Well, this activity can also be an alternative to overcome boredom in the middle of a traffic jam. You can play music from your cellphone or turn on the radio to hear the best songs.

Singing song lyrics that relate to us can indirectly lift the mood. But if you’re in a moody mood, it’s better to listen to music that’s exciting and upbeat.

2. Call Someone

Traffic jams can also be a moment to connect friendship. You can contact your loved ones, relatives, or maybe friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time.

To be safer, use hands-free mode so it doesn’t disturb your concentration. But one thing to remember is never to send text messages while driving. This is very dangerous because it can break the focus.

And when the traffic light turns back to green, you better turn off your phone right away. Return to focus on the road to avoid the danger of an accident.

3. Reading Books

Another things to do while stuck in traffic is to upgrade your knowledge. Not only listening to the news on the radio, but in the midst of severe traffic jams, you can try to read a book. This step will be a win-win solution to overcome bad moods when stuck in traffic.

So, if you’re in a traffic jam that won’t move maybe for around 10-15 minutes, you can spend this time reading your favorite books.

4. Play games

The next things you can do while stuck in traffic that can improve your mood is to play games. Playing games can be done anywhere, including in traffic jams. When you’re stuck in a traffic jam, you shouldn’t see it as a detrimental thing. On the other hand, this moment can be a fun time because it gives you the opportunity to finish your favorite game.

If you’re out with other people, you can play offline games, like guessing songs or connecting words. Of course, playing games will help a little to treat bad moods due to being stuck in traffic.

5. Eat

In a life that is a hustle culture, generally, we won’t have time to have breakfast when we go to work or college. Be careful, this can trigger other health problems, such as ulcers, GERD, and typhoid.

So, so that your breakfast time doesn’t interfere with your activities, you can do it in the middle of a traffic jam. Yups, if you look at it wisely, actually this traffic jam can be the right time to get breakfast.

But so that it’s not complicated, you can bring food that you can just bite. For example white bread, onigiri, or sandwiches.

So, those are 5 things you can do to improve your mood when stuck in traffic. The things above will help you improve your mood so you don’t get cranky in the middle of a traffic jam.

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