Here it is! 5 Recommended affordable Lodgings in Bali!

Bali never dies when it comes to traveling because there is always a reason to return to Bali. Since then and until now, Bali is one of the ideal destinations for tourists, domestic to foreign. No wonder, affordable lodgings in Bali is always in high demand.

So, as time goes by, the trend of backpacking and remote working is now emerging. More or less, this trend has changed a number of accommodations in Bali. Now, pretty cool accommodations in Bali are not only comfortable to rest for a while but are also “home” for backpackers or digital nomads. So that you have an idea and know more, first, check out the following 5 recommendations for affordable lodgings in Bali!

Recommended Affordable Lodgings in Bali

1. Da’Housetel

The first affordable lodgings in Bali that you need to know about is Da’HousetelThere are many reasons to fall in love with Da’Housetel. Apart from the room rates starting from IDR 85K, the location of this hostel is also very strategic. The location is in the Sunset Road area. If you stay here, you can explore many famous tourist attractions, for example, Petitenget Beach is 16 minutes away, Kuta Art Market is 11 minutes away, Krisna Souvenir Center is 5 minutes away, and many more.

The concept of the Da’Housetel room, which is mostly made of wood, will remind you of a natural atmosphere. When exploring the back, you will find a fairly large swimming pool and some bean bags to relax. Given the beautiful atmosphere, if you stay here, it feels like work-life balance can be fulfilled! You can focus on work, you can also have a relaxed atmosphere!

2. Made House Hostel

Departing from the Kuta area, now is the time to play in Sanur. The main attraction of Sanur is the beach with calm water and the best location to enjoy the sunrise. If you want to stay in Sanur, make sure that Made House Hostel is included in your destination list!

The reason is, the location of this hostel is very strategic, close to Sanur Beach and the port. No need to spend to enjoy the sunrise from Sunrise Beach. In addition to matters of location, the facilities are no less special. Regarding the rooms, bathrooms, and swimming pools, guests always receive super clean compliments. There is also a shared kitchen which is complete and can be used by all. You don’t need to be confused about the price, it’s still under control, starting from IDR 100K per night!

3. Good Cheers Lembongan

From the name, you will already know that this hostel is located in Lembongan. The exact location is in Jungut Batu. For information, Jungut Batu is one of the best beaches in Lembongan. The beach landscape is decorated with clean white sand with a contrasting blend of blue sea water.

To get to Good Cheer Lembongan from Jungut Batu Beach, it only takes about 5 minutes. The facilities in this affordable lodgings in Bali are guaranteed to make you feel at home to stay for a long. From free wifi, swimming pool, luggage storage, mini library, private lockers, and sunbeds, to motorbike rental too! Interested to experience Good Cheers? Room rates start from IDR 120K per night!

4. Ubud Tropical

Those of you who want to find a quieter and more calming place to work feel like you need to stop by in Ubud. Well, one of the best places in Ubud that you can visit is Ubud Tropical. This hostel has several types of dorms as well as private glamping. The views offered are extraordinary and blend with nature. You definitely will have a homey feeling!

The distance from the tourist spot is not far. For example, it only takes 4 minutes to Seniman Coffee, 6 minutes to Ubud Art Market and Monkey Forest, 11 minutes to Goa Gajah, and many other tourist attractions that are quite close. If you don’t want to go out and intend to stay in a hostel, that’s fine too. Ubud Tropical has a beautiful swimming pool as a stress reliever after a hard day’s work. About the price, don’t worry, starting from IDR 150K per night.

5. Hang Five Canggu Hostel

Crowd lovers prefer to live in Canggu. This area of ​​Bali has a number of cool beach clubs and fun nightlife. Perfect for unwinding after a full day’s work! Speaking of affordable lodging in Bali’s version of Canggu, you must stop by the Hang Five Canggu Hostel.

This hostel is located in the middle of Canggu Village, between the hustle and bustle of Canggu and the cultural mix of the beautiful Canggu Village. Access to everywhere is quite strategic and the hostel facilities are fun, from the swimming pool to the pantry! The price is also very affordable, starting from IDR 75K per night.

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Those are 5 recommendations for cheap lodging accommodations in Bali that you can visit. Even though the price is affordable, you don’t need to be afraid of being disappointed because it’s guaranteed to amaze you! If you need other best lodging recommendations, search directly on and get the latest specials!

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