Educational Tour in Bali that Makes Your Vacation Meaningful

Traveling to Bali isn’t just about having fun. You must also take part in interesting workshops or guided educational tours on your agenda list. What is the educational tour in Bali that is interesting?

Who says upgrading skills isn’t always fun and stressful? Not really! In Bali, there are many interesting workshops that are full of knowledge and can sharpen your new skills. And this workshop can be done while on vacation.

So our holidays will be more meaningful by including workshops on one of the agendas. So, among the many educational tours in Bali, here are some of the most interesting ones to follow.

Educational Tour in Bali

1. Nyoman Warta Batik Class

The first educational tour in Bali that is interesting for you to try is Nyoman Warta Batik Class. In this place, you don’t just sharpen your artistic soul, but also learn to preserve the nation’s heritage. Batik itself is one of the nation’s assets that has long been recognized by UNESCO. This traditional cloth is said to have existed since the 18th century or during the Majapahit Kingdom.

So, by joining this 3-hour class, you will be taught by experts how to make batik. From starting to draw patterns to coloring them. You don’t need an expert to draw if you want to take this first class. Because here everyone can learn batik from zero, it is suitable for even beginners to follow.

2. Silver Jewelry Class

The second educational tour in Bali that you must try is Silver Jewelry Class. Giving gifts to loved ones doesn’t have to be expensive. Some people even prefer to be given gifts that are DIY items. So, if your partner is one of them, try giving silver jewelry that you make yourself.

You don’t need to be confused, you can learn how to make silver jewelry by joining the Silver Jewelry Class workshop. In each of these workshops, participants will receive 5 grams of silver material. You can shape this material as you wish, of course. So, to give gifts to your crush? Surely possible!

3. Tour De Trash

Organized by BestHostels Indonesia, you can also take part in a workshop on waste management. Don’t get me wrong, this workshop is really useful for your daily life. How could it not be, Tour De Trash will teach its participants about zero waste, starting from separating waste from organic and non-organic, to how to process it.

In this workshop, you will be invited to visit a landfill (TPS) to see first-hand the waste management process there. The hope is that this workshop can be an inspiration for those of you who want to be an eco-friendly traveler.

4. Upcycle Project

Not far from the interesting workshops above, you can also take part in the Upcycle Project. As the name implies, this workshop idea will invite you to process waste into new, more useful products.

But in this case, the waste used is fabric waste, especially clothes. Later you will be given innovative ideas on how to process this waste into daily needs. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis one activity is also a way to help protect the environment.

5. Balinese Herbal Class

Finally, an educational tour in Bali that is no less interesting to try is the Bali Herbal Class. In this interesting workshop, you will be taught how to process herbal plants into daily necessities.

Yups, you will be taught to process plants into soap, perfume, and herbs. Apart from the interesting workshops, this agenda is also superior in terms of the location of the activity. You will be invited to take a walk around the terraces in Jatiluwih Village, Bali. When will you learn to cultivate plants with a beautiful view from subak?

So, those are 5 recommendations for educational tours in Bali that are interesting to try. Of the 5 recommendations above, which one catches your attention the most? If you are curious about joining one or all of them, contact BestHostels Indonesia directly via social media or the website. See you!

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