4 Tips to Book Airport Shuttle for Beginners

Travelers certainly know that airport shuttle service is an important key in a trip. In fact, booking your airport shuttle in advance is much more convenient than looking for transportation options at the airport upon landing. Some discordant news says that this service is quite deep enough to spend. In fact, when compared to taxis, airport transfer prices tend to be cheaper, you know.

In addition, by using the airport shuttle service you don’t need additional fees because the price is fixed, and free from scams by bad guys. So, if this is your first time trying airport transfer services, make sure to read the following tips and tricks first! The aim is none but to prevent confusion and for a more comfortable trip.

Time-Saving Tips with Airport Shuttle Services

1. Don’t Turn Off Your Cell Phone, Make Sure It’s Always On!

Booking an airport shuttle service is easy and is usually done online. All you have to do is enter the pick-up and destination places, delivery hours, personal data, and the desired capacity. When an order is made, all personal data will be stored, and the vehicle will be prepared for you.

In this phase, of course, you can be calm because everything is scheduled. However, even though everything is safe, make sure the cell phone with the number provided during registration is still on, okay! The reason is, service drivers generally will contact their customers.

The goal is to inform the pick-up point and the time. They will also provide specific standards, clothing colors, car colors, and other things related to pick-up. So, once again, make sure your cell phone is always on and can be contacted!

2. Set Arrival and Departure Times

There are many things that can cause you to miss your flight. It’s not just a matter of oversleeping, there are several other obstacles. For example, the streets are jammed because it coincides with office hours. Or it could also be the condition of the airport which is suddenly crowded because it is entering holiday time.

In connection with this, make sure you arrange your arrival or departure time as well as possible. Arriving early is certainly better than missing the plane, right? Generally, the airport shuttle service will ask for your flight data, so make sure the data provided is correct.

When picking up at the airport or upon arrival, there are also a number of reasons that can make you arrive late at the arrival terminal. For example, about the baggage that never comes out. If you have a pick-up contact, contact them immediately to avoid miscommunication

3. Use the Service According to its duration

The fact is that there are many service options for the airport shuttle. Some only deliver or pick up at the airport, but some are multifunctional as car rentals. Either with a driver or without a driver. So, regarding this car rental, there are a number of duration options offered, starting from 6 hours, 12 hours, and up to 24 hours.

Apart from hours, there are also a number of agreed region options. For the sake of mutual good and comfort, don’t forget to comply with the agreements made. Use the service according to the duration and according to the agreed agreement.

4. Keep Implementing Health Protocols

The pandemic isn’t over. Therefore, health protocols must still be implemented. For information, in order to maintain passenger safety, airport shuttle service owners have implemented a number of health and hygiene protocols. The drivers generally have passed the selection and series of tests before being able to work. In addition, the condition of the car is also cleaned regularly.

As a passenger, of course, you also have to follow health protocols for safety as well. For example, by continuing to wear a mask while traveling and using hand sanitizer before getting into the car.

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